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Step 1

Add your products to your catalogue in just a few clicks. You’ll set up:

  • Your prices, quantities and discounts
  • Order Method: on-site or home/workplace delivery
  • Payment Method: on site (cash, bank card, restaurant coupons) or online

Step 2

Add an order button on your:

  • Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Google My Business Page

Step 3

Your customers order whenever they want.

From their home or workplace, your customers order online from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Step 4

You receive an instant notification. 

With every new order, you’ll receive a notification in real time. Next you can validate the order based on your availability and stocks.

Step 5

Your customers receive an instant notification.  

Once their order is validated, customers receive a text and/or email confirmation of their order, indicating the date, hours and amount of the transaction.

Step 6

The customer receives their order. 

The customer will pick up their order on site or wait for delivery if you’ve chosen to offer this option in your catchment area.



  • Ultra easy integration of your order button (copy paste)
  • Add products to your catalogue in just a few clicks
  • Online payment via Stripe (ultra simple integration)
  • Manage your promo codes
  • Customer marketing actions: emails / promos / launches / private sales / events
The Smart Online Order Solution

Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo

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