Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo for
Cheese Shops

Cheese Shops

Attract new customers with Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo. Customers can consult your product cards and prices from any device including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Your clients can place an order at any time of day on your website, while you can manage all your orders from a professional interface.

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Analyze your cheese making business activity.

Discover your most popular product, average purchase size, distribution of orders by time slot, and more! Break down your business activity and study the habits and needs of your cheese loving customers.

Analyze your business activity
Create a client database specific to your company

DELIVER can help you automatically create a customer database that you can use at your leisure.

No Expertise Necessary!

Simplify your life with Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo. With this intuitive and user-friendly platform, you can save time and focus on what you do best.

At least 85% of Canadian consumers today order online.
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