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Unlimited Orders

Deliver, Click & Collect by Linkeo is here to boost your sales. All you have to do is keep up your productivity! And don’t forget to check your inventory to make sure you can keep up with all your orders!

The Click & Collect solution is a smart tool that helps you run your business. You can even set your “productivity,” so that DELIVER blocks orders for when you don’t have enough staff to honour more incoming requests.

Deliver : Unlimited Orders

Transform how you run your business with deliver, click & collect by linkeo


Step 1
Your clients place their online order from your website, Facebook or Google My Business page. They choose between in-store pick-up or home delivery.

Step 2
You choose if you want your customers to pay online or on site.

Step 3
You validate their order based on your availability and inventory.

Step 4
They automatically receive a confirmation text or email once they place their order.

Step 5
The customer picks up their order or waits for delivery if you’ve chosen to offer this in your catchment area.

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